LA MALINCHE, LAURA ESQUIVEL, AND TRANSLATION. By Harry Aveling. The woman variously known as Malinalli Tenepal. (a reconstruction of her Náhuatl. Read Malinche by Laura Esquivel by Laura Esquivel by Laura Esquivel for free with a 30 day free trial. Read eBook on the web, iPad, iPhone and Android. Malinche, by Laura Esquivel, is a deceptively simple book. In Esquivel’s interpretation, Malinalli (La Malinche) suffers abandonment and.

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This year I am participating in a classics bingo and I read Malinche by Laura Esquivel for my mythology square. View all 4 comments.

La Malinche

She knew from experience that she would quickly have to ingratiate herself with her new masters to avoid being rejected or, in more dire cases, punished.

That isn’t the fault of the author! Mar 22, Briynne rated it liked it. The only thing about this book that I love is the cover on the hardcover edition, at least: The tale of Malinalli, Cortes, and Jaramillo brought to light a chapter of Mexican folk lore from a native perspective that often isn’t studied in history classes.

Then there would be the phase where she would have to sharpen her senses in order to see and hear as acutely as possible so that she could assimilate quickly all the new customs and the words most frequently used by the group she was to become a part of–so that finally, she would be judged on her own merits.

This page was last edited on 18 Decemberat Becoming a slave to the Spaniards, Malinalli felt honored to be in their presence. There are places in the book where I felt these contrasts were so carefully understated as to be invisible and ‘the Invisible’ is almost a character in the book, pointing the way to these insights.


Malinche | Book by Laura Esquivel | Official Publisher Page | Simon & Schuster

As I said, this is not a biography. After learning Spanish, Malinalli strives to interpret not just the words but the meaning, the intent, behind the words. The prose is overwrought, the characters are underdeveloped and inconsistent, the structure is confusing.

Fitzroy Dearbornpp. Maria Conchita Alonso deserves five stars for her performance of the audiobook. Cultural Roots and Clinical Interventions1. Give me a esqyivel.

This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. See 1 question about Malinche…. University of New Mexico Press,pp. Malincheby Laura Esquivel, is a deceptively simple book. Aug 05, Alain rated it did not like it. On one hand, it had the lovely light touch of magical realism, an intriguing interpretation of feminism, and the benefit of one of the most savage conquests in history as a dramatic backdrop. Even though I enjoy Hispanic culture a great deal, Mexican mythology is not a subject I have studied in depth so I was able to learn from this slim novel.

For the volcano in Tlaxcala, see Matlalcueitl volcano. Today in Mexican Spanish the word malinchismo and malinchista is used to denounce Mexicans who are perceived as denying their own cultural heritage by preferring foreign cultural expressions. There was a problem adding your email address.

This is a decidedly Mexican novel. I felt the heat and humidity, heard the cacophony of a busy marketplace, smelled the stench of a battlefield, tasted the tropical fruits and delicacies of a royal feast. He drank from her breasts, kissed her skin, submerged himself in her, emptied all his being in Malinalli, and fell asleep She was sold into slavery three times, and by the final sale she became the translator for Cortes as he sought to convince Montezuma that he was the incarnation of the God Quetzalcoatl.


This is an extraordinary retelling of the passionate and tragic love between the conquistador Cortez and the Indian woman Malinalli, his interpreter during his conquest of the Aztecs.

Jun 01, Rebecca rated it really liked it. I sometimes had to retrace my steps in the book to figure out what was happening with the narrative.

This did little to further what I already knew about Aztec culture. Malinche concludes my month.

Jan 18, Aura rated it really liked it Shelves: Lists with This Book. I found this book to be a carefully crafted novel attempting to balance extremes: While I have enjoyed most of the novels and stories that I read, it is upsetting to finish the month on a down note. But as soon as I started reading the story, it failed to engage me. View all 3 comments.

Passion and explicit sexual description heat up a couple of the scenes, reminiscent esquibel Esquivel’s earlier works. Feminist interventions lauga the figure of Malinche began in s. The author skips over so much time so frequently that it’s more a series of snapshots of Malinalli’s life than it is a cohesive narrative.

esquifel I had always understood Malinche from common myth to be seen as a traitor — someone who was sleeping with the enemy and selling off her people’s secrets. Malinche by Laura Esquivel. When Esquivel would state, in so many works, why Cortes did this or why Malinalli did that, it seemed shallow.

However, student protests erupted: Recently a number of feminist Latinas have decried such a categorization as scapegoating.