Kevin Basconi certainly lives in the supernatural realms of God. He is known to bring Heaven to earth, and teaches many how to cooperate and. Kevin Basconi is an awesome man of God. I Love his books and his audio messages. Today. Kevin Basconi is an excellent teacher of the supernatural and of. How to Work with Angels in Your Life: The Reality of Angelic Ministry Today ( Angels in the Realms of Heaven, Book 2). Kevin Basconi. from: N/A.

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In just a moment or two, He was again interrupted by a second strong angel.

I was glued to this heavenly beach much as I had been those nights in Newfoundland, and later in my little prayer closet. This prophecy was given over 2, years ago. Jesus is now releasing the seer anointing to people throughout the earth. What a time to be alive! Amazon Drive Cloud storage from Amazon.

Kevin Basconi Quotes (Author of Angels in the Realms of Heaven)

We are entering into the season when this prophetic word will begin to manifest in the lives of ordinary people. The Reality of Angelic Ministry Today. It seemed that I was not praying, but God was praying through me. The festival was born as a direct result of the audible words that I heard the angel speak to me. Jesus Himself referred to these; see Matthew It was as if I was glued to the floor. I was walking through the streets of Botwood in the presence of the Holy Ghost.

For the first time since leaving the house, I began to notice that bascpni was very cold. They can subscribe here. It was as if I was at the beach and small wavelets were hitting my knees.

At the time, I dismissed it and returned my attention to my thoughts.


Kevin Basconi: “Supernatural Synchronicity! This is a God Appointed Time for Revelation”

Jesus of Nazareth, bqsconi Man attested by God to you by miracles, wonders, and signs which God did through Him in your midst, as you yourselves also know When you combine these two keys with a regimen of devotions and absconi Scripture, the ability to see and perceive angels seems to flourish. I began to hear angelic worship with the ethereal sounds of harps, violins, and singing.

They will shriek like a golden eagle.

Later, I took this Benny Hinn book along with me into the wilderness of Newfoundland where I had a life-changing encounter with the Holy Spirit in a tiny cabin.

Kevin and Kathy Basconi are ordinary people who love an extraordinary God. I had an understanding that the angel of provision would become very bsaconi to these upcoming events.

This will continue bascpni build our foundation and your faith. Of course He was already aware of that, so I described how marvelous were the works of His hands and how utterly fantastic it was that each tiny snowflake was different. You are full of the love of God. I was directed to a small breezeway that leads out over the Bay of Exploits this name truly proved to be quite prophetic to a tiny island called Killick Island.

How to Work with Angels in Your Life: Immediately, the angel turned in military fashion and ran off in the direction that the Lord had indicated. The Lord continued to speak to me in great detail about the seer gift or anointing.

Kevin Basconi: “Supernatural Synchronicity! This is a God Appointed Time for Revelation”

The Lord is going to open your eyes to see your angel again. However, in the realm of the spirit, it seemed to last for many more hours. It time for each of us to be salt and to be light. I was actually terrified by the prospect of traveling to Africa.

I purposed to surrender my life and destiny to His will, and to Him. We returned to Botwood to find Margaret waiting for us, and she kindly directed us to our separate rooms for the night. Get fast, free shipping with Amazon Prime. I contemplated the ramifications of what I had been told. English Choose a language for shopping. I was astonished, but I was also absolutely certain that Jesus had just commissioned the strong second angel to an important mission in the baaconi of Tanzania.


I pondered all of the events that had been unfolding over the past few days, realizing that I would never be the same. It’s an opportune time for Nashville, and the state of Tennessee. I asked her what she was doing, and she told me that she was praying. The Lord assigned and released specific angelic beings to minister for the saints God’s friends in Tennessee Hebrews 1: I described how wonderful jevin colors of the rainbow were and how they represented His covenant with man.

Jesus prophesied that the heavens would open. From that place they will overcome the world and enter kevon My perfect will and the fullness of My rest. The momentum of these meetings continued to build.

I saw several small angels that appeared to be young children. I have started to call this dynamic supernatural synchronicity.

Jesus was a seer. You do not need to be a superstar or person of great faith. He’s going kevim shoot them out of His barrel in Tennessee and they are going to impact not only other states but other nations for God’s glory alone.