Putin’s Favorite Philosopher Discusses Fascism (Ivan Ilyin) This Russian Philosopher Believed Russia Was Made Great by Its Orthodox Faith (Ivan Ilyin). The Russian president’s favourite thinker is Ivan Ilyin, one of the intellectuals the Bolsheviks deported on one of the “philosophers’ ships” in. Who is Ivan Ilyin, and why is Putin so indebted to this marginalized Russian figure?

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The Road to Unfreedom by Timothy Snyder review – chilling and unignorable

He deals with the first three very differently from the last three. Archived from the original on For sure, Ilyin was no Western liberal democrat. From to he lived in Berlin. How did we get here? His abdication and the subsequent jvan of his brother Mikhail Alexandrovich were crucial mistakes which led to the abolition of monarchy and consequent troubles.

In Germany, where he wrote favourably of the rise of Hitler and the example of Mussolini, he developed ideas for a Russian fascism, which could counter the effects of the revolution. The first seeks the approval of a large audience, for which it requires a simple overarching and almost certainly exaggerated thesis. Fiction Free Audio Books: My aim was not to suggest that Ilyin had influenced Putin — in ifan at the time I had no ilyni that the latter had even heard of the former — but rather to point out that there were commonalities of outlook.


It Depends on You!


On the first day official propaganda suggested that the Russian missile attack on the Malaysian plane had in fact been a bodged attempt by Ukrainian forces to assassinate Putin himself; by day two, Russian TV was jlyin the idea that the CIA had sent a ghost plane filled with corpses overhead to provoke Russian forces. And who is to blame? After AprilIlyin was imprisoned several times for alleged anti-communist activity.

A new Russian nation should be established, Ilyin argued, to defend and promote that ineffable spirit against all external threats — not only communism but also individualism.

The result is misleading. The other point was the wrong attitude towards private property among common people in Russia. How would you jvan about it? Many might even find it boring. The result is going to be something which is perhaps rather dry.

But ilgin reach this conclusion he has to treat some sources differently from others.

Rather, what exercises me is the assumption underlying his iluin, namely that if someone quotes somebody who at some point said something else which was distasteful, then the person doing the quoting obviously shares that distasteful opinion in full. Later, he assessed the revolution as the most terrible catastrophe in the history of Russia, the collapse of the whole state.

We only vote in order to affirm our collective support for our leader. The two above mentioned factors led to egalitarianism and to revolution. This approach cherry picks the past to suit a personal and political purpose.


He was also critical of many figures of the emigration, including Kirill Vladimirovich, Grand Duke of Russiawho had proclaimed himself the new tsar in exile. Putin is, as we all know, against freedom.

Ivan Ilyin | Russia Insider News

For this reason, it seeks to avoid contradictions and paradoxes, and tries to fit the past into the straightjacket of some pre-conceived narrative or ideological precept. Ilyin was a monarchist. It is largely irrelevant as to whether such growth originates from the right or left of the political spectrum. Nevertheless, ISIS is just a symptom of a deeper problem.

He considered the conscience of law as essential for the very existence of law.

Poetry Free Audio Books: If Americans are interested in maintaining their personal liberty, they would do well to assure that government remains small and klyin.

We’re hoping to rely on our loyal readers rather than erratic ads. Novgorodtsev ilyinn Ilyin to lecture on theory of general law at Moscow Commerce Institute. To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: But Snyder makes a compelling case for the obscure Russian thinker as an indirect, and insidious, influence.