This is the third in a series of articles that looks at using the open source component, iTextSharp from within to generate PDFs. Just as. In this chapter, we’ll add an annotation, some text, and an extra field to an existing form. We’ll also change some properties while filling out the form. We’ll then. I am not sure that PDF writers take account of newline characters. Looking at http ://?id=[^] I think you need to.

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Whether you’re creating a document from scratch, or adding content to an existing document, has no impact on the instructions we use. You can download the complete C code of this tutorial from here.

itextsgarp Insert text in editable PDF file. In chapter 3, we didn’t know the total number of pages at the moment we were adding the footer, hence we only added the current page number.

PdfStamper uses a different mechanism, as demonstrated in the manipulateWith-Stamper method. There are different ways to work around this. You create a small canvas up front, but you texg only add the page number once the document is completely finished. Here is the link for add text field to pdf.


It’s also not clear if the font of the “info” field has changed.

iTextSharp – Adding Text with Chunks, Phrases and Paragraphs

Height – y ; ColumnText. The file used as the basis for hello1. This method writes the exisitng necessary to render the imported page to the writer associated with the stamper. If iam having more than 1 pdf, how it is possible to insert text in more than 1 pdf.

Adding content with PdfStamper Part 1 (iText 5)

Nurlan Kenzhebekov, add following code for the second page: However, we don’t guarantee all things of the web are accurate. Some applications read a file into memory before changing it; you could read the original file into a byte array and create a PdfReader object as demonstrated in listing 6. Since the default font-size was applied by iTextSharp 12ptthe code below will result in a leading of 16pt.

This technique is often used to add watermarks to existing document. What we have seen so far is the very basic building blocks for text in PDFs.

Of course, you should always use try That explicitly tells the compiler that the value is to be treated as a float, and prevents the sort of mistake I experienced trxt again.

Chapter 5: Manipulating an existing PDF document

Because it has attracted low-quality or spam answers that had to be removed, posting an answer now requires 10 reputation on this site the association bonus does not count. As a rule of thumb, I prefer temporary adfing for applications that run on the desktop; in a web environment, I create all files in memory.


In some situations, you might want to add content to an existing PDF document.

GetImportedPage reader, 1 ; cb. Adding content with PdfStamper Part 1 iText 5.

A footer with the page number Let’s click “Highlight Existing Fields” and see what happens. As you can see, it’s not so fancy as the report we made in chapter 3.

NewLine”courier. Finally, you could also create the new file in memory using a ByteArrayOutputStream, and then overwrite the original file using these bytes. Thanks itextsgarp lot Manipulating an existing PDF document Chapter 5: The ChangePage example shows how this was done.

What if we’d like to add a header, a watermark and a footer saying “page X of Y” to this existing report? Let’s work to existign developers, not make them feel stupid. As with the Label, you need to be careful how you use Chunks.