HTC 34063 PDF

The MCA Series is a monolithic control circuit containing the primary functions required for DC−to−DC converters. These devices consist of an internal . Step Down / Step Up / Inverting DC-DC Converter MCC. Apr. – Rev. – 1 -. HTC. SOP-8 PKG. DIP-8 PKG. ORDERING INFORMATION. Device. MCA/B. Jan. – Rev. – 1 -. HTC. SOP-8 PKG. DIP-8 PKG. ORDERING INFORMATION. Device. Package. MCAD. MCAGD.

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Wuxi Yarun Semiconductor Technology Co. Personally I would prefer that to any RF comms as it will be higher datarate, simpler and probabl more reliable. That catalog also contains several other switching regulator ICs.

What other interfacing options does the tablet have? For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. The fig13 example should be workable fine for the PFET, it just needs to be inverted and then driven from the junction between the two resistors.

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Then it slowly adjusts PWM to keep battery voltage at the correct regulation and also limit current during the initial bulk charge to 1. Hmm, if you want to use bluetooth for data interfacing to the tablet there are lots of cheap bluetooth modules on ebay, just watch out as some are just the “module” but need a carrier PCB which means you need to make a PCB, some are a fraction more expensive but have the carrier PCB included togther with the module.

I can’t imagine the same company adding or maybe removing a diode and an uncommitted opamp and calling the product something completely different. This htcc reduces the length of the on period.


HTC Korea TAEJIN Tech MCAN – PDF Datasheet – DC-DC Converters In Stock |

This language allows quick changes right on the Android Tablet so i can set up different things quite httc. So could you do a quick scope shot of this thing in voltage regulation?

The reason i bring this up in this thread is because im doing all this 34603 a Tablet computer anyway, and also that if you havent used one for your test equipment you may be interested in looking into that.

Unfortunately, Hyc can’t draw the circuit in my phone and won’T be back home until the 2nd of Jan. This would be easier to see with a wider time period for looking at the output ripple voltage. Any sources, preferably with pdf download links, are welcome!

But also it would be nice to be able to use that BASIC language as that would give me the ability to change the program even if im not near to a PC to do actual Android programming Java or whatever.

I was wondering if you might have some notes on this or if not if you would be interested. It does support Bluetooth. The small Tablet computers make an exceptionally nice base for a number of different pieces of test equipment, a multi channel volt meter just one example.

From what i have read now some dont work and some do, so it’s a toss up. On thing that confuses me in the MC datasheet is why is there a uA78S40 mentioned there as well.

Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered. That would be nice to see too and i could compare with my notes.


I started a new thread about this subject a htcc days ago: Saves a voltage regulator i guess As you recall my original question was for a regulator for use with a Tablet computer, well on a related note, have you tried interfacing with a Tablet computer yet?

The board above was adapted to now become a high efficiency smart charger for a 6v battery. Oh ok, they also include home made boot strap drivers, which is a nice change.

Click here to register now. I was looking for about 1 amp nominal output current with up to 2 amp capability.

MC Calculator Online > Step-Down, Step-Up, Inverter

BTW, when you look at the output waveshape for a while do you see any quick jumps once in a while? Inspriation come from ETO member Mr Al who mentioned his interest in a high efficiency 5v supply to power his Tablet PC during power blackouts etc, see his thread here; http: Articles Top Articles Search resources. Basically it used the current limit peaks to shorten the osc period from The program board i have does it that way too to regulate the 12v program pulse amplitude.

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But what it doesnt do is read RS