Heathkit SAA product reviews by real people like you. ONE OF THE BEST HEATHKIT PRODUCTS EVER, and ONE OF THE BEST MANUAL TUNERS. Download HEATHKIT SAA-CAL CALIBRATION PROCEDURE FOR SA- A ANTENNA TUNER SM service manual & repair info for electronics experts. Heathkit SAA Manual. Complete page assembly and instruction manual for the SA antenna tuner. Contains assembly notes, parts list, assembly.

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There is no hesthkit to switch in extra inductance as on the Palstar. This is a tuner you will not regret owning. And remember, it’s important to judge equipment by its design, the quality of components and the quality of manufacture. These units are just superbly laid out, top quality materials used and should last for years. However, you should never lubricate the roller wheel or any other part of the inductor coild except perhaps the shaft, because the roller requires good electrical contact and oils will electrically insulate the connection, and of course we don’t want that.

This model was more difficult to build than the SA I think you will enjoy the process. It replaced my Dentron MTA about two years ago and has never let me down. The “red object” in the foreground is what Heath supplied to put nuts in tight places. The meters are quite accurate. I also remember we were running way above sa-2060s legal limit and in AM too, so I decided this was my best choice.


Contact the site with comments or questions.

Rebuilding Heaths

I like the modern styling and appearance of this tuner SA non A It seems to fit right in with all the modern gear in my shack. The tuning caps in the Heathkit are beefy and well made.

It ain’t a gonna happen now! Like the this SAA also is a simple “T-match” tuner, but it has switched antenna inputs and has a self-contained “RF power detector” in the rear box.

Anything less is a steal unless major arcing or component failure has occurred. Lighting could be installed above both meters, and to provide inductor counter lighting. Click on the small pix for larger Pictures.

We can pull an “old timer’s” trick by reversing the coil.

The Heathkit has copper metal work where the Palstar is constructed using aluminum sheet metal. If you’ve visited this site before you know that one of my favorite pastimes is rebuilding old ham gear. I have one now and am keeping it for sure.

Heathkit SA-2060A Manual

Take the time to distinguish between the quality of a device versus the condition you happen to find it in. Just be carefull pulling the fiber shaft and don’t lose your alignment on bands during the mod.


Also looks factory and you wont no it unless your very knowledgable on these units. I replaced the hardware with standard computer case screws and torqued them down with a Philipscareful though, or the brass couplings may strip out.

One thing I look for is the overall soldering job the “builder” did, build quality, as they say.

WHen properly adjusted, then it will handle a KW no problem! Therefore, the lack of any electronic circuit boards inside maunal the Heathkit more bullet proof in my estimation.

If you don’t have one, borrow one from an old timer. If you have any questions, problems, or suggestions about Reviews, please email your Reviews Manager. I bought mine from the estate of a friend who recently passed. The round push buttons on maanual Palstar has an MFJ look and feel to them.

I also installed a flexible coupler between the roller and the panel shaft. If the MFJ can fail at watts, why would I ever want another one?