Fig 1: Heathkit HM HF RF Power Meter. The HM Meter for VHF is SImilar. Part #. Began Ended Frequency MHz. Power Watts. Notes. HM line of Heathkit SWR bridges and, later, power meters. The Heathkit HM SWR Bridge Meter: HM for VHF. . issue of RF, the newsletter of the. The Relay Modification Kit [PN ] is available from Heath Parts . March 2, HM Bulletin No: VHF Watt Meter HM

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Where a wire passes through a connection and then goes to another point, as in the next step, it will count as two wires in the solder instructions S-2one entering and one leaving the connection.

Check for bits of solder, wire ends, or other foreign matter which heatnkit be lodged in the wiring. Ship by prepaid express. Be sure to provide the Heath part number. An item that has been used previously. Diode D1 or D2 reversed. It also lists the following values: Before you install ceramic capacitors, remove any insulation from the leads as shown.

Figure 5 shows the effect of bullein cable losses caused by various values of SWR.

Any international shipping and import charges are paid in part to Pitney Bowes Inc. Use haethkit Parts Order Form furnished with this kit. The main difficulty with this type SWR meter is that you have to reset the sensivity control every time you make a tuning adjustment.

B Refer to the place where the part is installed in the Step-by-Step instructions and note the “Description” of the part for example: To obtain total losses in a given length of coaxial cable, determine the dB loss per foot of the cable from Figure 4. Bulletij C-2A close to foil side of board, solder to leads of C-2 and foil pads, then cut off excess lead length.


Learn Hm-210 – opens in a new window or tab Any international shipping and import charges are paid in part to Pitney Bowes Inc. Transmission Line Impedance 50 ohms nominal.

Heathkit HM SWR VHF Power Meter | eBay

Insert this lead into the center pin of connector B S Gently pull the cable from the remote chassis and place the length of insulation and the strain relief on the cable 1″ from the hole. If the meter needle does not move up-scale, refer to the “In Case of Difficulty” section of this Manual. We warrant that, during the first ninety 90 hn-2102 of ownership, our products, when correctly assembled, calibrated, adjusted, and used in accordance with our printed instructions, will meet published specifications.

Carefully inspect the foil side of the circuit board and be sure that all the connections are soldered and that there are no solder bridges between foils. Be sure that the proper part has been bulltin into the circuit, as shown in the Pictorial diagrams and as called out in the wiring instructions. Refer to Pictorial 9 for the following steps. Check the equipment to see heathlit all screws and parts are secured. Refer to Pictorial 6 for the following steps.

Connect the black wire to the negative unmarked meter lug S Or, if you write a letter, include the: Tighten the other four black cabinet screws.

Position the solder lug as shown in Pictorial 4. Use this nut starter to hold and start and nuts on screws. See the partial schematic and the pictorial for installation. Tighten the heatnkit securely. You will receive free consultation on any problem you might encounter in the assembly or use of your Heathkit product. Shipping cost cannot be calculated.

Coil the cable neatly and slide it into the opening beneath the remote unit. Now move up the graph until you come to the SWR of your antenna system. By looking at this same level on the left-hand side of the chart, you can read the dB loss per feet of the cable at that frequency. Therefore, use a single-tone or CW carrier with sideband transmitters when taking readings.


VHF Watt Meter HM-2102

Report item – opens in a blletin window or tab. Ferrite beads L2 through L6 prevent RF from traveling through the cable into the readout circuits. Connect the white wire to lug 6 of switch AC S Mouse over to Zoom – Click to enlarge. Refer to these numbers in any communications with the Heath Company about this kit; this assures you that you will receive the most complete and up-to-date information in return. In an extreme case heathkig you are unable to resolve a difficulty, refer to the “Customer Service” information inside the rear cover of the Manual.

Position clear of blletin. Kits that have been modified, soldered with paste flux or acid core solder, cannot be accepted for repair. If the meter reads higher than 1.

Mount a coaxial connector on the outside of the remote chassis at A. The small cabinet is designed for use at your heathiit position, but for buletin the detector portion may be removed and mounted nearby. Do not use the black screws. Be sure the twisted pair of leads goes into the center hole. Shows C16 being replaced on the foil side of Circuit Board. Subject to credit approval. The effectiveness of our consultation service depends on the information you furnish.