Always Ready. (Directions for Defending the Faith). Dr. Greg L. Bahnsen Texarkana, AR: Covenant Media Foundation, pp., paperback, $ Always Ready (Greg Bahnsen) – Free ebook download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read book online for free. Dr. Greg Bahnsen is an incredible Christian . Always Ready Bahnsen, Greg L. $$ Product Description. This book is a compilation of several of Dr. Bahnsen’s published works on Christian.

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This took quite a while to get through.

The 2nd half of the book is practical, going over issues in apologetics such as the problem of evil, the presuppositions Finally a presuppositional apologetics book that I understand!

Considering the fact that Dr. This point might seem repetitive, but it is a fundamental point in understanding and appreciating the coherence of Presuppositional Apologetics. Aug 06, Andrew rated it it was amazing.

It has also better instructed me on the importance of humbly, yet firmly defending His gospel and ”destroying speculations and every lofty thing raised up against the knowledge of God The first four sections of the book pages lay the basic groundwork for his thinking.

This book was an eye-opener for me as far as Christian apologetics is concerned. I am not the one here trying to prove certainty, you are, and so it is up to you prove it, and so will you never find rest in proving what can not be proven without a mind to testify for it.

All your doing is using your brain to conceive ideas that you call faith to perceive the unknown. I’m a huge fan of Van Alwys presuppositional apologetics, and there are few better at explaining the method than Van Til’s student, Greg Bahnsen.

Not that I am anti-presuppositionalism — I am open to it and willing to be persuaded. One of three books that absolutely affected my Christianity in an amazing way the others were Mere Christianity C. This is an accessible introduction to defending the Christian faith from a presuppositional point of view.


Always Ready: Directions For Defending The Faith by Greg L. Bahnsen

I love how ridiculous the presuppositional apologetic makes atheism look and Bahnsan does an awesome job of taking Van Til’s apologetic and making it more understandable. I have read and learned much from many other works on apologetics, but Bahnsen’s profound yet simple approach to de A plethora of books on apologetics can be found in your local Christian bookstore.

If you can you have faith without a brain then I would agree. It is from this starting point that Bahnsen attacks, and it is a marvel to behold as he uncovers layer after layer of epistemological fallacies that bwhnsen forth. I have listened to dozens of his lectures, and have always admired his ability to articulate very complex categories of thought. Throughout the book, Bahnsen incorporates a kind of mantra that keeps bringing the reader back to need to establish the source of authority.

Being true to that initial pre-supposition had grounded my faith and has made many a One of three books that absolutely affected my Christianity in an amazing way the others were Mere Christianity C. He recognizes the fact that one cannot “serve two Masters” for he babnsen either “hate the one” or “love the other. How can an atheist point to his own reason as the final arbiter of truth, when that very reason comes from a random universe which contains no meaning or authority in itself?

Very strong argument for why the Christian must never “set aside” their convictions when defending the Christianity. Why then are most Christians, in the course preparing for the apologetic defense of the faith, taught to do the former?

And to beat it all, his scriptural citations he uses as geady could easily offer a different interpretation bahhsen the one Dr. This was so helpful, and something that Bahnsen was a master of. I think a well-rounded apologist should be able to recognize when a seeker wants to hear about the facts for the resurrection of Christ and when they are unwilling to accept they have a bias.

Bahnsen was an influential Calvinist Christian philosopher, apologist, and debater.

Where I see the problem with an evidentialist apologetic style is that you are forcing your audience to place themselves in the judges seat and place God on trial!


If you are already convinced or mostly convinced of the presuppositional method of apologetics, most of the first sections can be skimmed, though they provide a good foundation for thinking through the reasons why this model is best and being able to defend it over other models that give ground to unbelievers; most clear is that there is no neutral intellectual ground, one either presupposes the God of the Bible and can therefore found his arguments on something solid, or he cedes the God of the Bible and has already lost.

It may come as a surprise to some, but not grfg atheists are moral relativists.

Some definitions for you: Bahnsen did his doctoral dissertation on self-deception. Best book I’ve read on the subject!! One will probably benefit from some theological and philosophical reading before reading this one. I disagree with Bahnsen where he says that this is the prescribed Biblical ggeg and the only legitimate approach.

Always Ready: Directions For Defending The Faith

In this case, any area of life or any fact can be used as a point of contact. The way he dealt with the eeady of evil” in one of the later chapters of the book was by itself worth the price of the book. Goodreads is the world’s largest site for readers with over 50 million reviews. Unbelievers, Bahnsen says, occupy a self-defeating worldview that cannot answer even the most basic questions about life without borrowing from theistic belief.

A famous saying of Dale Carnegie is that “a man convinced against his will is of the same opinion still”. Bahnsen continues to lay out the foundations of the presuppositional apologetic, citing Van Til and Calvin not a few times. I applaud this concern for all aspects of our defense of the faith.