Kilcullen’s paper “Counterinsurgency of classical counterinsurgency theory to modern conflict. David Kilcullen is one of the world’s most influential experts on counterinsurgency and modern warfare, a ground-breaking theorist whose ideas “are. David Kilcullen is one of the world’s foremost experts on guerrilla warfare. instruction at military academies and counterinsurgency schools worldwide, and has.

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Understanding Insurgency and Counterinsurgency. I’m working my way thru the military’s recommended reading list, reading and listening to davvid I can get my hands on. A smaller more agile and innovative force might be better suited to the current global-cultural insurgency.

Once control was consolidated in A areas, civic action and psychological operations were undertaken in conjunction with large-scale cordon-and-search operations in C areas. Oct 11, Jonard rated it really liked it. In two years, the strategy had defeated an insurgency that had proved incredibly resilient for the preceding twelve years The failure in Vietnam for the United States was not a result of an inability to attack a wide range of the elements that comprise an insurgent system.

The author gives examples of successful and failed counterinsurgency actions and makes recommendations for an approach to fighting a worldwide insurgency rather than fighting a war on terror alone. It is jilcullen propaganda war and he who has the most compelling message and ideas wins.

The paper calls for “modular, highly educated and skilled forces with a capacity for network-enabled operations, optimised for close combat in combined arms teams.

Counterinsurgency – David Kilcullen – Google Books

But it is a reading that resides in no book, but around you; in the terrain, the people, their social and cultural institutions, the way they act and think. Cohen and Krysten Connon. Others are deeply involved and may prey on local groups to further their own ends Archived from the original on 23 June His final chapter on treating global extremist terrorism as a global-level insurgency makes sense, as would his suggestions on how to tackle the issue.


Indeed, nationalism within Afghanistan and Pakistan, for example, has not been readily adopted, facing fierce resistance towards efforts to consolidate state institutions and identities.

In other words, these insurgent networks can be described as a variant of a traditional Middle Eastern patronage network. Why I finished it: Nagl and Gian P.

David Kilcullen

Techniques of Guerrilla Warfarethese are now quite dated. Insurgents use these theatres for subversion, fundraising, and organizational development. This influence can then be translated into formal political authority through the process of state formation from the bottom-up However, he neglects to examine whether or not it’s even possible to mobilize a global Muslim populace in a global insurgency.

In Afghanistan, top priority should be given to anticorruption action, governance reform, creating a functioning government at the local level, and making people feel safe Counterinsurgency David Kilcullen Limited preview – Targeting the links, outputs, and inputs is more effective than targeting individual nodes This is apparently the prevailing thinking among military and security decision-makers in Washington right now.

Although the collection seems quite random at times, ranging from personal experiences of conflict in East Timor, to Indonesian COIN, to how to measure success in Afghanistan, it is all interesting stuff. Counterinsurgency David Kilcullen No preview available – Hurst- Afghan War, – pages.


It recounts historical vavid to COIN, providing insight on how operations may be conducted and in what ways they may affect a target audience. Not much new information. Conflict ethnography is key; to borrow a literary term, there is no substitute for a “close reading” of the environment.

InKilcullen brought together his writings in his book Counterinsurgency and developed his understanding of counterinsurgency to address the globalized threat of radical Islam. It furthers the University’s objective of excellence in research, scholarship, and education by publishing worldwide.

The Indonesian military formed a perimeter around a C area, an insurgent controlled hill, by taking civilians in the area and placing them into a cordon. He helped design and implement the Regional Strategic Initiative, the policy that drives United States counter-terrorism diplomacy worldwide. The description of daavid firefight with a militia group illustrated the boots-on-the-ground realities of combat in the region, though didn’t really do much towards couhterinsurgency larger theme of the book.

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Mar 11, Shaun Major rated it really liked it. Archived from the original on 13 November Not the easiest book to read but one of the most thought provoking. There are eight basic types of links: The Age of Titans William M.

They will have a capacity for protracted independent operations counterinsutgency a joint interagency framework. This edition presents a fully updated and expanded version, including a new introduction, annotated tactical case studies, and an appendix on the key principles of the hugely successful Surge campaign of in Iraq. It’s of interest cpunterinsurgency you’re a professional, perhaps, or for context in 20th century military history, but it is certainly not worth reading for pleasure or casual interest.

Hi Not only does this book illustrate what is being done to put down resistance to kilculken imperialism overseas in Iraq and afghanistan, but it also shines light on what we see happening here in our country against supposed “eco-terrorists”.

A really good collection of essays on counterinsurgency. Using Indonesian insurgency as a case study, Kilcullen concludes that when central power structures are weakened from a number of factors, local leaders can develop political and military power, using coercion through insurgency or guerrilla campaigns to diffuse power from the central authority to local actors