Had it not been the force of mere indignation & power of sheer frustration, I would have not dared to write “Berekete Mergem!” In this poem, I have cursed all. abraham-berekete-mergem. abraham-berekete-mergem. Text; Yigitimgubae. abraham-berekete-mergem. – (A ) A_ _ E * * * * * * A _ . link to Tweet; Embed Tweet. An intro of the Berekete Mergem, the great Ethiopian poet Hailu es-Gemoraw R.I.P (ነብስህን በገነት.

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He was thus, asked to leave China immediately. Shortly after, he was given a scholarship to study Chinese Literature at the University of Beijing in China. His initial Chinese poem on Mao was highly acclaimed by all. Bedekete Swedes felt that a new government with whom Hailu has no serious confrontations emrgem running Ethiopia. Thus, one lives momentarily to die and one dies in due time and space to give more room for the predecessors’ future life.

Gemoraw on Gemoraw: Why I Write? The Basic Motive of My Literary Work

Thus he had to move between his parent’s home and jail several times. At this juncture, it is too early to state any thing about the outcome of this attempt. He is the man behind the fine tones of church, radical and cultural songs that we hear him sing from time to time either alone or in-groups. Upon completion of the mergfm studies of the Chinese language, Hailu composed a large Chinese-Amharic dictionary and a Chinese-English phrase book.

But the Swedish government denied him the right for an asylum claiming that there is no more any threatening cause for Hailu if berskete returns home to Ethiopia. To quench his youth dreams about life, Hailu focused his curiosity on and attempted to examine about creation and the inter-links lying between humanity and her ever-existing surroundings. Some of the unique happenings include the following. His humorous, ironic, sensitive, sarcastic, critic, comedy and tragedy centered dictums and plays have been igniting the flame of revolt, the joys of festivities, the melancholy of the missing ones, the dream of the lovely ones in the hearts, souls and minds of his readership.

Upon completion of compiling his findings for his thesis, he started to critically write each of the chapters for his doctoral thesis. Thus, to Hailu, life is surrounded by lots of potential causes for an actual death.

October 31, Tadesse Zerihun Ph. Emrgem of being known by the Collage staff and his student friends as an outstanding, bright and youngest student of the Trinity Theological Collage, he was ultimately thrown out of his class accused for raising some philosophical questions about the unquestionable creator of the Heavens and Earth.

He was thus suspected merbem be one of the ringleaders’ known to conscript young university students to revolt against the then government. Reading his literary works takes his readers through a long sticking journey of learning berekdte African, Oriental and Western cultures and social setups. In addition to his own original writings, he has also translated and presented the works of some of the Chinese greatest authors in an appealing and readable style. In the Theological School, the vast majority of the teachers were following the Old Testament.


In Hailu’s view, possibly that is why Ethiopia remains to have several rivalries and foes to this very day.

Having read numerous books, Gemoraw acquired lots of knowledge, which enabled him to publish 30 works out of over a hundred manuscripts, some of which are bound and ready for publication. They remind readers the serious need to defend the national collective treasures given as endowment at one’s own place of birth, the farsightedness, the cultured attitudes and manners, the linguistic diversities as well as the character of attending known religious and traditional ceremonies.

His lifelong works attempt to catch and put into picture the contrasts between the people living in the highland cold and in the lowland hot climatic conditions of Ethiopia. His advisor and Hailu tried to secure entry permission for Hailu to travel to Beijing and bring with him the necessary documents to finalize his thesis but in vain.

Later, Hailu shifted to the Ethiopian Language Studies of the then Haile Selassie I University where he pursued his studies of classical morphology and phonology of linguistics. Hailu Gemorawthrough his unique literary works, reminds us the Ethiopia that we know of as the mosaic of a conglomerate of people, culture and landscape giving the society its entity and ever-graceful beauty.

He is the man behind the three dimensional dictums that we all mumble every now and then.

Berekete Mergem | የግጥም ጉባዔ

That occasion was accompanied by a large book exhibition of Hailu’s lifetime work. He clearly demonstrates to his readers that the Ethiopian identity is distinct, indivisible and everlasting by the grace emrgem the Ethiopian- God-of-us-all, which goes beyond the thinking horizon of ethnicity and religious factions.

This work remains to be popular among students majoring or studying Amharic. Berfkete in green, berekeye and red colors of his national symbol, this fellow called Gemoraw by most students of the s, started to live for Ethiopia and write about her to his fellow Ethiopians befekete the current and the distant future.

His depth of knowledge and interest in geophysics dealing with the internal parts of the Earth as well as his ability of putting terms in a triangular meaningful dimensions are all amazing. Three years after his arrival in China, Hailu won popularity among Chinese and international students for his fluency in the Chinese language and for his observation of the strong and weak berekehe of Chinese philosophy. Those who died include his parents, whose loss touched him most.

In remembrance of his literary contributions, a get-together feast was organized and held in by a group of Ethiopians living in Sweden. Hailu’s books of poetry, fables, play stories, history, philosophy, development and various other subjects which he single-handedly prepared, were widely read by thousands of Ethiopians both at home and elsewhere in Diaspora.


The Chinese Embassy denied him entry visa claiming that he is under persona-non-grata. As a mother, she remains to be the center of affection, attraction and adornment.

Through numerous writings and famous poetic works, this living legend, Novelist, Poet Hailu Gebre Yohannes has already won the minds, taken the souls and stolen the hearts of numerous Ethiopians. Bwrekete the turbulent challenges of life, which he continues to face, Hailu Gebre Berekere is listed by a monthly published Ethiopian Magazine named Rai as one of the most famous Ethiopians of the Century for details, see Rai, Mergen Soon after he joined the Linguistics Department at the Faculty of Arts, he won popularity among students and most of the University staff for his ability of writing dynamic, three dimensional, powerful and penetrating dictums in Geez, Amharic and English.

Apart from this, in his spare time he produced fresh writings in Amharic and even tried to reproduce some of his hand written mfrgem works, which the Ethiopian police authorities in Addis Ababa confiscated when he went to prison.

He was equally curious about the Bermuda Triangle and the earthquakes that shake parts of the continents.

The s was also the period when Hailu Gemoraw was considered by the secret police in Addis Ababa as ‘the man with a poisonous pen’. And so, this approach has inspired many of his readers to stand in a sticking shock and take an astounding look at oneself and at the past in retrospective.

Berekete Mergem

At that time, the Ethiopian University students showed keen interest in reading revolutionary works coming from the Socialist countries and radical university students.

To add insult to injury, the Norwegian government deprived of Hailu’s residence and work permit claiming that Hailu had lived long away from Norway, without reporting to the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

It was betekete that time that Hailu began gaining fluency mergme Geez and Amharic and eventually became berdkete and solid in them to the extent that he could write dictum filled with polemic interpretations; and even converse secretive matters in Geez with priests and literate monks. Upon completion of his learning at Menelik High School, Hailu joined the Trinity Bereete of Theology at the Addis Ababa University where his search for and query about the mysticism of life, nature and the natural milieu began to gain momentum.

Overall, he is a great example of an enduring man for all of us. His life goes on while the lives of many, who he knew in the good-old-days, have persistently been passing away without his physical presence to share the respective family mourning. Particularly, while living in exile, he lost most of his dear and near relatives as well as friends.