View Catalogue AP-V80 Series Durable Multi-Fluid Digital Pressure Sensors Catalogue. Two Digital Display Pressure Sensor Amplifier; AP-V80W Series. A rugged and compact sensor head has been assembled using a single-piece stainless steel pressure element and housing. The AP-V80W Series can be used. Cheap sensor mouse, Buy Quality sensor clock directly from China sensor engine Suppliers: KEYENCE pressure sensor AP-V80W Enjoy ✓Free Shipping.

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Insert the connector in the direction as shown by the arrow indicating the connector insertion direction.

KEYENCE Enviroment Resisting Digital Pressure Sensor Ap-v80w | eBay

Select indicator H as a setting value. V80d together the body and the connector cover into which the cables were inserted to make a connection. Unless stated otherwise herein, the Products should not be used internally in humans, for Solution human transportation, as safety devices or fail-safe systems.

The sensor inserted in the H side detects the higher pressure, and the one inserted in the L side detects the lower pressure.

F-3 Leakage test specific mode This is a mode suitable for a leakage test using a master workpiece. Amplifier unit NPN type: The lower part indicates the setting value. The value that has undergone ZERO reset is stored even if the power is turned off. Displays v80ww highest the lowest peak bottom value of pressure while the peak bottom hold is working. Output 1 When the This is used for detecting a pressure difference H-L. It turns on when the pressure value exceeds the setting value P2.


To dismount the sensor, raise the main body in the direction of the arrow 3 while pushing the main body in the direction of the arrow 1. The pressure value in the H side is described as H, and the one in the L side is described as L.

Do not use the product in an environment with flammable gas or something similar. Note that switching of the display remains valid.

AP-V80W Series

Zero-shift This is a function that sets the pressure at that time forcibly to zero by inputting an external signal.

F-3 Leakage test specific mode This is a mode suitable for a leakage test.

The pressure difference H—L will be corrected to zero, and the current pressure value will be corrected to the atmospheric pressure state respectively.

The button pressed at first on the Eco display will become invalid.

KEYENCE pressure sensor AP-V80W

Atmospheric pressure correction is not reflected to the output. In high-resolution mode, the value is indicated in kPa.

The pressure difference during the zero-shift input is displayed as zero in the current setting value while the zero-shift input is turned on. Caulking machine Auto peak hold Setting value The current value is displayed until the pressure lowers the setting value. The setting value indicator 2 flashes when the setting value is B2. B80w off when the pressure is out of the range. The hysteresis margin is changeable in all modes setting.


The updated value reference value after zero-shift is input is cleared when the power is turned off.

Two Digital Display Pressure Sensor Amplifier : AP-V80 series | KEYENCE America

It turns off when the pressure value is out of the range. Press the button to reset to the default settings, and the screen returns to the head selection screen. Intelligent Distributed Sensor Networks. The hysteresis margin is changeable in all detection modes. It turns on when the pressure external input is turned on difference H-L xp the setting value B1.

Normal Eco mode mW 85mA max. You can check the pressure value for every single caulking operation. The setting value indicator H illuminates when the setting value is P2.